August 12, 2008

2:36 PM
Greetings!! The weather is hot hot hot!! But still beautiful here in sunny California. My past weekend was lots of fun. I played a trio of shows this past weekend starting in good ol' Sacramento. I headed out at around 6:30 PM last Thursday in hopes of waiting for traffic to die down for a quick journey to the state capital. And for the most part the drive was smooth, but darn it's boring driving solo.

I played the TRUE LOVE coffee house owned by Kevin Seconds and arrived just as the show was about to start. This is the second rendition of the TRUE LOVE cafe, as the first one closed down a few years prior. I love that this place exists. Such a cute and cozy atmosphere for the non-starbucks coffee goer. Those who enjoy art, music, and punk philosophy seem to make this place their own.

In the short time I was there, I could only think the following..."WHY DOESN'T SAN JOSE HAVE SOMETHING LIKE THE TRUE LOVE"... My negativity on the SOUTH BAY continues. But it's probably because I've lived here so long. Oh well. I really have no room to complain.

The show was pretty fun. I played decent, but a little bit off. The attendance was pretty small too. Last time through I had a really full house, but this time not the case. Luckily the place is really small, so it still felt pretty warm. I even got a good sing along with Kevin Seconds front and center.
Here's a close up of my punk rock hero and I singing loud and proud
The show ended early and Kevin hooked me up with some drinks and snacks. It was nice to get a chance to talk and relax with Kevin and Allyson(Kevin's wife). It seems they're real happy with the situation with the new cafe, so I'm pretty excited for them.

I left at around midnight for Chico, California. The last time I was there....? Probably 1996? I think that might be the last time. My night visions sucks, so the drive was a little stressful, but I made it one piece. Driving slow all the way, it took me two hours to drive 95 miles, but my gas mileage was kick ass!! Averaging 52.6 MPG. WOOHOO!! And why is gas so much cheaper in Chico than the rest of California. I found gas for $3.86/gallon. Damn!!

I touched down at 2 AM at NATE BUTTERFIELDS home. He was putting on a house show for me and was nice enough to house me for the evening. He had a killer place the he inherited from his grandparents. Still furnished with 60's decor and a turntable from said era that still rocked it loud and clear. I stayed up til about 3 AM and passed out soon after. 5 hours later, my internal clock had me wide awake.

Nate had the day off and we rode bikes, ate tacos, had ice cream from the TODAY'S SHOW 2nd place winner of best ICream, bought a big hat, walked , played basketball, went swimming, took a nap, and found a hair in my burrito. YAY!! What an awesome day to be honest. I like chico a lot. I could definitely live there. Perhaps I'm destined to one day live in a small town. That's really what I'd like to do. ONE DAY!! ONE DAY!!
Here's a pic from NATE'S living room. His friends were all really nice, sans a handful of high school kids whom he didn't know who showed up disinterested in me, but liking the free beer. But yes, maybe I'll be living there one day NATE.. So look out!

I finished up there at 10 PM and managed to get out on the road by 10:30 PM. The long and boring ride home put me back in my bed at a bit past 2 AM. But I stayed up til' 4 upwinding from the long drive. And after 4 hours sleep, I was up and ready to spend the day with my family. My only obligation was a basketball game at 4 PM and then an 8:55 PM flight to Seattle, so we enjoyed family day quite a bit.

It's strange to come back for 17 hours and then leave again, but it's productive in terms of not having to leave your family for long periods of time. I arrived at 10 PM and was picked up by my friend Cameron. We just went back to his apartment and hung out. He had cable tv, so of course I was flipping through channels. Insomnia hit hard that night. I couldn't sleep on the leather couch and my last memory was seeing the clock tick past 5 AM and then awaking at 8 AM. But I felt great. Cameron's dad gave us his tickets for the Seattle Mariners game and we sat up close to see the home town team get demolished by the Tampa Bay Rays. 11-1. Yikes!!

And then it was off to the show. I played a punk house called CAMP NOWHERE and then nicknamed the DOG HOUSE. Not sure why the dog house, but it was a lot of fun. I like house shows and hope to do more in the future. Here's some pics. ENJOY...

mike park