August 05, 2008

9:27 AM
I am eating UDON noodles for breakfast. Not the most Americana thing to eat, but hey!! it tastes good. My weekend was chock full of eating large quantities of food. It's strange to have been a veggie dude at one point in my life and now watching the carnage unfold these days. And it's still a touchy subject. I should be a vegetarian for political reasons, so shame on me.

The days keep going by faster and faster. To think it's already August. Fall is right around the corner and then My wife is due with our second baby in just 2.5 months now. WOW!! Things will be crazy busy. I've got an intense schedule the next few months. Work is busy, playing shows, and I've got three weddings where I am officiating. Wheeeew... Time for me to kick it up a notch. FUN FUN
Mike Park