August 01, 2008

1:16 PM
Ok, here we go. Weekend is here. Thank goodness and that's the truth. I usually treat every single day as a weekend, but I've been busy busy busy. So this weekend is relax time with the family. I'm looking forward to eating lots of food and drinking lots of soda. That's healthy right?

I played a show last night in San Francisco with Sundowner and Mike Hale. Quite fun to be honest. It was nice to see a lot of familiar and friendly faces. A good turnout of about 200 people and I don't know...? Just fun to play music. It's always been a battle for me to enjoy playing each and every time, but hopefully I can start doing this more often locally and just cherish the moment at hand.

Well, that's it for now. Enjoy your weekend. Be well.
mike park