July 28, 2008

7:22 AM
I'm back home after a quick trip down south. Things are well. The trip was quite fun and here's a quick run down..... After arriving in S. California, we killed time before our first show by going to see the DARK KNIGHT once again. But the 90 degree weather had the theater pumping the AC at freezing temperatures. I had curled up in a ball for warmth and the next thing you know I fell asleep. When I woke up, I glanced to the left and saw Sundowner asleep and also down for the count was super friend Chris Candy. Darn!

Off to the house show, we arrived to a home near the UC RIVERSIDE campus full of punks milling about the outside. Great show. Lots of people and lots of enthusiasm. The show was at a guy named PARTY MARTY'S home and I now see why he has that nickname. DAMN! The temperature inside the home was unbearable. It reminded me of touring during the summer months back in the day. FUN FUN

We crashed at Chris' apartment in Santa Monica. zzzzzz...
The next day we went for a workout on "the steps" in Santa Monica. We stopped for water at a gas station, but I declined to pay $2.25 for a bottle of water. After my first set of stairs, a water company was giving out a new vitamin water sample. Hooray for me, I saved $2.25 and got free water.

We then headed to Chris' moms house to go swimming. We were met by the lads in SHINOBU and ANDREW JACKSON JIHAD and spent the next few hours playing MARCO POLO, while others played SCRABBLE on the patio. What a wonderful day. Relaxing and fun.

Off to Hollywood for our Knitting Factory show, we passed the strip of famous clubs like the WHISKEY A GO GO and THE ROXY. The ALKALINE TRIO were also playing just down the street at the HOUSE OF BLUES. I heckled the large line of people outside and only saw heads to turn towards my voice. We arrived at the KNITTING FACTORY and set up shop. Shinobu opened the show, I followed, and Sundowner ended the evening. The room was full, people were nice, and yup.. FUN FOR ALL. Back to work.
Be well.
Mike Park