July 23, 2008

9:06 AM
I went to the drive-in theater last night. It was the first time in at least 13 years since I've gone out and seen a movie in this fashion. It's actually a pretty good deal. Tuesday nights are $4.75 per person, which is pretty darn good considering movies cost double that. Well, at least in California it does.

The band MONKEY has a weekly date with the drive ins and they secure the front row by turning their van sideways. They crank up their stereo, pull out a cooler of beverages, take out comfortable chairs, and there you have the full movie experience ala drive in style.

Their are some cons to this as planes seem to be flying by every 20 minutes and a freight train made its way twice during the movie. And no matter where I situated by body I couldn't get good audio for the movie.

But overall, good times and hopefully something I will do more of. Should have taken photos, but man.. I've been slacking on posting images here. Be well.
Mike Park

ps-anybody live in Los Angeles? I'll be there this weekend playing a show @ the Knitting Factory on Saturday. Would be great if you could make it. Email me with any questions or if you work at a restaurant or movie theater and can hook me up with free food/movie