July 22, 2008

9:34 AM
Again, the TV addiction hit me late into the night and early into the morning. There's a channel called TRU and their slogan is something like "NOT REALITY, ACTUALITY". Do you know this channel? There's a show I watched called OPERATION REPO. It was my first contact seeing this show which ran a good 3 hr block of episodes which started at 11 PM and ended at 2 PM and YES!! I watched all three hours.

Maybe I can have an intervention on this newly found addiction. And perhaps I can be on the A & E channel show INTERVENTION. Which is also very addictive and amazing. And sad.. ANd yup....I talked to Monica today and said "Monica, we need to get rid of cable". So that's what's happening. It will be shut off by the end of the day. I've wasted the past two weeks of my life in front of the boob tube. Pity me.
Mike Park