July 21, 2008

8:28 AM
Monica is in full prego mode. Her belly is round and hard and we both wonder if Maggie knows what the physical change is all about? We bought her a little baby doll in hopes that she would cherish it as her own. But the baby doll sits alone in a chest of other ignored toys.

How sad eh? Well, that's life. I often wonder if she even needs toys? She seems much more entertained by everyday items:Groceries, mommy's purse, shampoo bottle, daddy's torso, and nothing like good ol' cutlery. Ahhhh.. it's very cute. Her vocabulary grows each and every day. Precious moments for sure.

I'm leaving this weekend for Los Angeles to play a couple shows. Much practice is needed, so we'll see how lazy I am. Be well.
ENJOY your week.
Mike Park