July 15, 2008

2:43 PM
Already July 15th? wow...! The past 8 days have flown by so quickly. And I guess my days will continue to come and go quicker than ever as my elderly years approach. Woohoo!! Things to look forward to.

So, Monica and I went and saw the POLICE last night with ELVIS COSTELLO opening. It was one of those huge outdoor amphitheater type places. I think every city has one. Ours is called the SHORELINE AMPHITHEATER and we got hooked up once again by our super friend Teresa with free tickets on the lawn. These were the cheapest tickets at $35 a pop. Damn, that's expensive, but compared to the $200 + price for reserved seats I'm guessing most of the 15,000 people were thinking the same thing as the lawn area was packed in like sardines. We had a makeout couple next to us. Getting down and dirty on the lawn. I wanted to kick them, but then I'd say "So sorry I didn't see you". Shoootzzz.. I need to go to the bank. I'll write more later and post pics.
Peace, mike park

-ok, it's now 9:46 AM Wednesday morning. I'm using the work computer, so no photos can be posted of the mega show from two nights ago. Boo hooo...

Long ago a gardner/handyman named Victor would once in awhile do work at my mom's house, but then one day his phone stopped working and that was it... He vanished into thin air, but Monday morning he showed up after 3 years and said "Mrs. Park, do you have any work I can do?" And man this guy does a lot of work. He's cut trees, pulled weeds, trimmed hedges, and damn he's good. In 2 days he's done more than I could have done in 2 weeks. Pretty exciting huh?

The window that I'm peering out of shows Mr. Victor hard at work, so I guess that's why I'm discussing his kick ass job. YAY..

Mike Park