July 07, 2008

8:02 AM
Time keeps ticking faster and faster. A week goes by and I've meant to write each and everyday, but again that darn clock keeps ticking and each passing day goes by with me scratching my head wondering why I wasn't able to spend some time writing. So here I go with a quick blast of thoughts, ideas, etc..

Did I mention that my wife and I broke down and got cable television? Hmmmm.. Can't remember if this information was shared with y'all, but yes.. I am now part of the majority and sport over 100 channels of mindless entertainment. Monica had noticed that our internet bill combined with cable would only increase our bill by $5, so how can you pass up a bargain? Huh? How can you? But the problem now is my old nemesis of just sitting there watching TV and in particular the CAUGHT ON TAPE types of shows. My adrenaline keeps revved up on high when I see these shows displaying the worst of the worst in world we live in.

And thus lies the problem of TV. My production level has dropped tremendously and something has got to give. If I can't make the proper strides to curve this addiction I will need to give it up(Cable that is). You see, before with just the rabbit ears, I had such a limited variety of channels. I knew my limitations and thus my schedule was complete. FAMILY GUY was at 10:30 PM and then the news at 11 PM and that was it. I was done. 1 hr of TV, but I've been watching so much lately that I am embarrassed to say there's been a few 5 hr days of TV for me. UGGHHH!!
That is all.
Mike Park