June 30, 2008

9:22 PM
It's Monday night and all is quiet on the western front. I sit in pajama bottoms and an XXL T-SHIRT that my mother in law gave to me as a gift. It's good to know your in laws think you are that big. But I kind of like it. After years of wearing shirts that were probably too small, I am definitely 100% wearing XL now and perhaps I should jump to XXL or even XXXL. Why not? Start a new trend perhaps.. ? Or at least in the punk circles.

I had a good weekend. The show on Friday turned out to be a lot more fun then I had expected. The bar crowd(though some were definitely drunk) were actually pretty hospitable. I felt good about the show and am looking forward to more performances in the future. Dan Potthast came out and it's always good seeing him. It seems like we don't see each other as much as we should. Especially since we're only 30 minutes away.

Saturday was another gardening marathon. I managed only 4 hrs sleep the previous evening and was running on fumes by 6 PM. I managed to keep it going with some green tea and met up with friends in San Francisco for dinner. Gay pride was this past weekend, so the city was crowded. I headed out to see CHUCK RAGAN and KEVIN SECONDS play 2 nights in a row. This time at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco. I got my second wind and felt pretty darn good all night. I did leave at 11:37 PM due to the fact that I had to be up at 5:30 AM to take my sister to the airport.

Another 4 hrs sleep, but this time I napped all day yesterday. Much needed.
Be well.
Mike Park