June 27, 2008

9:16 AM
I had a 7:30 AM appointment to take my moms car in to get a tune up. At 7:25 AM, my wife said "Hey, don't you need to be someplace at 7:30". DOH!! I was out the door in less than 60 seconds and arrived 10 miles away at 7:41 AM. Not bad eh? I'm pretty good at just waking up at going. And though I was stressed at the very beginning of this ordeal, I can only look back and think "GREAT"...! And that's because I got ultimate sleepage.

I am playing a rare 21+ show tonight. In fact, I can't remember the last time I played a bar. Maybe in the early 90's. I had told myself I would never play a bar again, but it's a show with Chuck Ragan and Kevin Seconds, so it's amongst friends. But then it's going against my philosophy of only ALL AGES always. DOH!!
Whatever.. Nobody cares. I'm not FUGAZI. BUt I'd like to be.
Mike Park