June 23, 2008

9:25 AM
Last Friday I climbed a popular staircase in Santa Monica with my friend Chris. This was to be a quick workout. 4 times up and 4 times down. 30-35 minutes at the most. To be honest, it was quite intense to say the least. Tons of people use this as a daily workout and now I see why.

No big deal, I'll be sore for a day and then back to my normal self. Saturday morning I started production on a stone patio in my backyard. It involves huge slabs of rocks that weigh up to 300 pounds each. I spent a good 7 hours lifting these from point A to point B. By Saturday evening I was so sore I couldn't move from my mummified position on the couch and by Sunday morning I was still stuck in the same spot, while Maggie kept trying to put things in my mouth. Uggghhh.

Getting up or down from a seated position shot pain through the body. And now on Monday morning I still suffer from sharp muscle pain. My thighs and calves being the most affected. Is this what happens when you get old? Well, let the good times roll I guess.
Peace always,
Mike Park