June 20, 2008

11:37 AM
Howzit. Friday Friday Friday.
Hope all is well. I'm in LA today doing some recording. I'll do two songs for sure and hopefully a third. We'll see how they come out. I'm sure you're all real excited eh? No? Well, that's cool.

I arrived yesterday to the beautiful smog filled LAX and was picked up by superman Chris Candy who sports a Subaru wagon which is gray in color. Thought you'd like to know. We ate burritos and went for a walk on the beach of Santa Monica. It was quite romantic. Then we tried the captain crunch milkshakes at Carl's Jr. Thumbs up!! And good for you. My friend Gerry says if it tastes good then it must be good for you. Good knowledge.

Chris' band Chotto Ghetto played a show last night in Long Beach with legendary Fishbone. My favorite band of my youth. How it's all turned south since they were playing 20,000 seaters as one of the headliners of Lollapalooza. Now they are mainstays at two bit bars called JOE'S PLACE. Super sad. They didn't even go on til past 12:30 AM at which point I turned to Chris and said "let's get out of here". He fought the notion to leave, but finally gave in when I threatened violence. And that was it. My favorite band lost forever in a sea of ill advised moves and fatal music business follies. How the mighty can fall so far is beyond me. I even dreamt about the band as I slumbered.

Anyways, I need to get back to recording. I'll be back home tonight at 11 PM and then all day tomorrow will be spent doing manual labor. FUN FUN
Peace, mike park