June 10, 2008

We had an Asian Man BBQ last Friday. The Queers, Lemuria, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Kepi Ghoulie and Bomb the Music Industry are on tour together and the rolling circus made its way to San Jose, California. And of course without any normal venue to do shows at, the creative minds have started putting shows on at the birthday party room at NICKEL CITY arcade. So yes, the atmosphere is quite strange, but makes for a killer time because you are in a friggin arcade.
(AJJ and SHEENA from LEMURIA love playing the birthday room)

Kepi spent the night at my house and I hitched a ride down to Los Angeles the next morning. 6 hours later we arrived on SUNSET BLVD. at a place called SAFARI SAM'S. A really cool club located in a generic looking strip mall, but inside it's got all the makings of a great club. Run by a husband/wife combo that are both punk rockers makes for a good environment for all.

During the drive down I felt the imbalance starting to pound out the details of how sick I would eventually get. I tried to power through with 6 wellness pills every 3 hours, but unfortunately I wasn't able to beat it. I managed to stay afloat for that day and through the late night that followed, but come Sunday I was dust.

BOMB THE MUSIC INDUSTRY and I would spend the night at our friend Chris Candy's apartment. 10 people in a 2 bedroom apartment is not the most comfortable of situations, but I've definitely done worse. I ended up sleeping in the kitchen with a small DORA THE EXPLORER blanket. But I was so tired, it didn't matter. I was out cold and slept a good 6 hours solid.

Chris gave me a ride to the airport in the morning as I headed back home. I sipped emergency on the flight home hoping I could still beat whatever it was that was kicking me down. I had tickets to WWE SMACKDOWN AND ECW at the HP PAVILLION, so I had to get better. After an hour nap, I had a pinched nerve in my neck that caused so much pain that any other ailment was forgotten. It felt like someone was grinding a screwdriver on the top of my spine. Never before had I experienced this kind of stinger. Ouch..!!

But I trekked on to WRESTLING. My friend hooked me up with 4 tickets to wrestling, but could only find one other person to go. This resulted in a contest at ASIAN MAN for two people to win tickets. In a newsletter I wrote the following "Name 4 wrestlers who've had a starring role in a major motion picture". And the first two to respond would win. And to my surprise we got tons of people writing in to win those tickets. Glad to know I'm not the only one who loves Wrestling.
The Asian Man winners along with BOB
The pyrotechnics were insane. They must mic the fireworks. Everytime they went off, it was so darn loud. The story lines were amazing. A referee was forced to wrestle the great KHALI who is 7 ft 5 inches.
Humorous to say the least.

And the headliner was BAUTISTA. All hell broke out in the final match. And I found myself on my feet yelling along with 15,000 others. I even glanced to my left and saw BOB doing the same. AHhhh... And this is knowing quite well that it's fake. Only in AMERICA.
Peace always, Mike Park