June 04, 2008

7:40 AM
OBAMA has finally claimed the Democratic presidential nomination. And yes, there is joy joy joy!! And though I try to keep my politics to a minimum here, I must say the excitement of this years electoral process is unlike any other I've been a part of. It's like a friggin sporting event. Listening to the speeches stir such raucous boos and cheers and this is for the same party. Imagine what it's gonna be like when McCain and Obama start getting real nasty. Actually it's more like a wrestling event.

Anyways, yeah it's gonna be an interesting next few months. Let the mudslinging begin.

Speaking of wrestling...I am going to be going to the HP PAVILLION on Sunday to see the WWE's SMACKDOWN. Yeah, you heard right wrestling. Didn't know I was a wrestling fan eh? Well, I am. Though the fact that we don't have cable anymore has limited my viewing opportunities I still buzz with excitement whenever I catch a peek at my moms house or wherever I may be. Wonder if it will be televised? Should I make a big sign? Hmmmm...

and what about this little girl you ask? Well, she's 1 year 6.5 months old now. A ball of fire!! She's running around in circles as I type. But she still can't talk. When will that happen. She only knows about 6 words, which doesn't equate into anything but randomness at random times. Can't wait to have a conversation about DORA THE EXPLORER. FUN
Mike Park