May 25, 2008

1:56 PM
I'm sitting alone in a secluded part of the Baltimore/Washington Intl Airport. Not a lot of people flying today as they celebrate the pleasantries of Memorial Day weekend. What a great time to travel. I need to remember this for future flying dates. Nothing worse than battling the chaos of the airlines, so I'm all for the peace and quiet. In a space of about 2,000 sq ft I sit alone. Uuuuuuuuu....nbelieveable. I have exactly 4 hrs and 35 minutes til' my flight leaves for Los Angeles and then a quick flight back home to San Jose. I've actually been here since about 12:45 PM. Check out time was 12 noon and I took the hotel shuttle to the airport. I like the drivers. They are funny. They like to tell stories and I like to listen for the most part. Anyways, there's only so much you can do at an airport. I've seen the entire airport, scoped out the restaurants, the gift shops, the bathrooms, and now I'm contemplating taking a nap.

There's a bench with no hand rails twenty feet in front of me calling out "Sleep here." Darn, I'm drinking green tea and it's waking me up. Oh well. So lots and lots and lots of happenings in the last 18 hours or so. I arrived in Baltimore at 5:10 PM. Was picked up by a gentleman named Ben and his girlfriend whose name I can't remember. But they were both very nice and dressed up. Hmmm.. All I brought with me was a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. I didn't even bring a change of clothes for today. Is that disgusting? Hmmm.. I don't think so. I've taken three showers in 18 hours, so that's got to count for something. Anyways....., they took me to my hotel near the airport and I ditched my computer bag and then headed off to the event. Named WEE(WEDDING EVE EXTRAVAGANZA), I decided to write a song for the event and in 5 minutes completed a custom song for the soon to be newlyweds.

We arrived someplace close to downtown Baltimore??? at a place called CHASE COURT where a chocolate fountain poured from 6 ft above. And though hunger pains were knocking I decided to bypass any food til' after I played. About an hour and a half til' I would play, which gave me time to evaluate the patrons in attendance and the best route to take in terms of entertaining them. Big BREATH!!! It was going to be hard. Let's set the scenery. Imagine being at a wedding.. And of course there is Aunt Judy, Uncle Bill, Grammie and Grampi, and of course little Timmy. How he's grown? And a bunch of friends who haven't seen each other in years and the significant others who are being introduced for the first time. And then throw in a 6 ft. 2 inch Asian wearing plaid shorts and a T-Shirt playing acoustic music to a room full of people who have no idea who he is. That's what I had in store for me. But being the professional that I am, I pulled together a game plan that would win over all that were in attendance. But I failed miserably.

And though I'm sure nobody was offended by my presence, at the same time I'm sure nobody is rushing out to buy my records. It was awkward at best, but at the same time I appreciated the experience. Life is about doing things you've never done before and here is another notch on the belt. These were good people. The groom(Marc) was gracious, his family kind and appreciative. And I'm sure we'd have much in common if we were in deep conversation in a different setting. So hopefully one day I can have that experience with them.

I took public transportation back to the airport. I love this medium of transportation. Their light rail system was easy to navigate, but I missed my train by perhaps 30 seconds which had me waiting 30 minutes for the next one to arrive. Back to the airport I got picked up by my hotels shuttle van. Total cost to get back $1.60. I did tip the driver $2. Always got to help the working man. And back in my room at 10:33 PM. Hunger pains started knocking as I realized I hadn't eaten since a bagel touched down in my belly at 5:30 AM. But there were no restaurants by the hotel. I called the front desk and asked them about delivery options. D-O-M-I-N-O-S was my one and only option. So I called up and asked if they had any specials. 3 medium pizzas for $5 each. I'll take. But it took them an hour to arrive, so at around midnight I lay naked in my hotel room watching PULP FICTION on SHOWTIME eating pizza for the next hour. I finished all three and passed out in litter of cardboard upon my bed.

Starting the day out at 4 AM in your own bed in California and wrapping it up in a hotel room filled with pizza boxes in Maryland at 3 AM is strange, but wonderful at the same time. And so I sit here for 3 more hrs until I take another long journey home. Hope the movie is good. Be well.
mike park