May 24, 2008

10:45 AM
Happy Saturday! I've been awake since 3:56 AM PST. 4 minutes before my scheduled alarm went off, my internal clock said "HELLO...time to wake up". A quick shower and then off to San Jose Airport where I arrived at 4:28 AM. Long term parking costs $15/day, but I couldn't stand asking my family or friends to wake up at 4 AM to take me to the airport. And my return flight doesn't get back til' 11:58 PM tomorrow night, so that's another tough one. So it's best to just suck it up and pay the $ for long term parking.

I am sitting in seat 12F aboard UNITED AIRLINES flight #306 bound for BALTIMORE. This is the second plane on this 8 hr and 17 minute journey. My first flight landed me in Los Angeles at 7:00 AM aboard a tiny twin engine plane. But the short flight makes things really simple. This current flight is going to be a challenge. With approximately 3 hrs and 45 minutes remaining, I am trapped with a window seat. A woman sits to my left and man to the left of her. She is listening to music on her ipod whilst drinking coffee. The man next to her is reading a book whilst drinking apple juice. I am drinking a BLOODY MARY MIX. This is my breakfast and lunch. I refuse to pay the $5 for the airline lunch box. I've come to the conclusion that part of me likes to suffer. The challenge of the mind being able to survive the inconvenience of having my massive frame stuck in a small economy size seat for multiple hours is fun I guess. I don't really believe this, but how else can I describe my inability to just pay a little extra to upgrade to a better seat. And though I have to use the restroom right now, I will wait another hour before bothering neighbors to let me pass through. Comfort level is at about 4 right now. But starting to dip into the 3's. Yup. there it is. I'm at 3.9 now.
mike park