December 25, 2003
11:46 AM

Merry Xmas y'all. I stayed up til' 4 AM watching Xmas story on TNT. Such an amazing movie. They're having a 24 hr. marathon. Such a genius flick. I had such weird dreams last night. Kind of personal, so I'll keep it that way. Just seemed so real and freakish. I can still see the imagery so clear of people I've never met, but now their face is like a friend I've known for years. It still doesn't feel like Xmas. Perhaps it's because I'm sitting here alone at the asian man headquarters whilst my momma is at church.

I was going to do some saxaphone caroling with friends, but it's raining so hard that we had to cancel. 4PM is dinner at my sisters and she has a super duper dog that I am looking forward to playing with. I love that dog. His name is Max and he smiles so big, but doesn't like to lick your face. He'll give one quick lick and then he's off and running to another part of the room.

I feel pretty darn relaxed right now. I'm sipping some green tea and after this writing I'll make some toast with jam. It's nice to have zero to do. I'm one of those who looks at their schedule way in advance and starts to dwell on things I need to do, but I looked at my organizer and I really have nothing to do for the next week. I leave for Houston on Jan. 1st and will play some shows, but other than that I'm totally free. Woohoo....

I need to call people today and wish them a merry xmas, so I'm cutting this short. Again, Merry Xmas to everyone and hopefully you are doing super great. Be nice to your mom and dad and siblings and smile at least 9 times today.

Peace always, Mike Park