May 20, 2008

10:10 AM
The heat wave of last week has fizzled to a cool 75 degrees today. Much more enjoyable. Fortunately for me, the asian man garage stays cool year round which is fantastic for the hot summer, but sucks for any cold weather days. Many mornings have been spent wearing multiple layers of clothing, including scarf and gloves with the finger tips cut off to allow me to still use the keyboard.

I just got the rolls royce of frequent flyer mile prizes and that is the SOUTHWEST AIRLINES companion pass. For one full year I can fly anywhere that SWA flies and bring a companion for free. Amazing! That's all I have to say to that. My companion will be Chris McCaughan of the LAWRENCE ARMS and with this pass we will fly throughout the UNITED STATES of AMERICA and play shows for his adoring fans and my few stragglers that feel sorry for me, but still cheer. So yup... I'm looking at a US map right now plotting out my tour schedule. FUN FUN
Mike Park