May 14, 2008

9:38 AM
The non-profit that I run called PLEA FOR PEACE has been nominated for an IMPACT AWARD. If we win, we get $10,000 and more promotion then we'll know what to do with. It's pretty darn exciting to be honest. Let's put it like this..... You remember when I rode my bike from Seattle to San Diego to raise money for PLEA FOR PEACE? Do you? Well, it took me a month to ride and hundreds of hours of preparation. And how much money did I raise? Around $10,000. I remember thinking there's got to be an easier way..

Well, here it is. We are in the lead as of right now. All you need to do is go to and click on plea for peace. You need to log into your myspace account first to vote, but you can vote once a day, so please help us out here. Thanks so much.
Peace always,
Mike Park