May 12, 2008

10:49 PM
I'm shaking like a dog sh###..
Ummm Happy Mothers Day. Yeah, I know
it was yesterday, but let's keep the cheer going.
Here we go!

Back to Friday morning. The late night flight to Phoenix taught us a great lesson and that is to not fly late at night when you have a toddler. Maggie didn't fall asleep until 11 PM and looked like she was that baby... You know...the crying baby that everyone dreads, but luckily she fell asleep in her mothers tired arms.The Phoenix airport is pretty huge and the rental car facility seems to be even bigger. We took a shuttle to the rental car facility and were off and in no time. I guess the benefit of coming in the middle of the night is that there's no line. We made it to our home base at a bit past 1:30 AM. Everyone crashed out, but I took advantage of cable tv and watched mindless shows for the next two hours. Ahhhhh... thank goodness we are sans tv at my house. (My nephew Kaleb)

Friday morning I woke up at 6:17 AM, just 2 hrs and 43 minutes after falling asleep. The dual charm of two babies crying and talking and screaming and yup.. I was up and at em. I managed an hour nap sometime during the day and then headed over to the famous trunk space(rockin the Trunk Space) in Phoenix. At least it's famous in the eyes of Andrew Jackson Jihad. They've been talking this place up for so long.

And it was a great place. They had a great selection of sodas which I drank happily and got to see my friends Billie(there's Billie) and Emily and her baby IGGY and of course the AJJ dudes. And more familiar faces from the past. It was a late show. One of my kryptonite weaknesses are late shows and lots of bands. This one had both, but I still enjoyed myself and I hope everyone there did too.

I managed 6 hours sleep and got to enjoy the next day a bit. My sister in law Theresa has a pool, so we enjoyed the dry heat of the desert and so did Maggie as she sported her new summer bathing suit. I met up with Sean from AJJ and we went to the OLD COUNTRY BUFFET with his family and ate large amounts of food that is exactly what you'd expect from a BUFFET. The standards:
We ate tons and tons and then drove 2 hours to TUCSON to play another rock show. The show was at an anarchist book store called DRY RIVER. There is no set price. It's all donations only. So even if you don't have money, you can still go to the show. I thought that was pretty great. We managed to get out of there at a bit before midnight and were back in PHOENIX at 2:00 AM. I had to be up at 6 AM to catch my flight back to SAN JOSE. Oh my, just a short 2 day and a half day trip and wow.. I felt like I just went on a month tour of EUROPE. FUN FUN
Mike Park