May 09, 2008

12:06 AM
We are finally off the ground on route to Phoenix. Our flight was delayed 2 hours, which will put us in Arizona at 12:40 AM. DOH!! We got to the airport super early. My sister dropped us off at 7:28 PM and we sat around for more than 4 hours whilst Maggie was losing her mind. She was so extremely tired that she reached a level of insanity that I've only witnessed once before. Screaming and kicking and smiling all at the same time.

Maggie is usually asleep by 7:30 PM and Monica is usually out by 9 PM, so this late night travel is extremely hard for both of them. I too feel exhausted. My eyes are heavy, but still 30 minutes remain on this flight and we still need to get our luggage, rent a car, and then drive 20 minutes to Monica's sisters home. If we arrive by 1:30 AM I will be a pretty happy man.

I was hungry during our wait at SJ INTL AIRPORT and ended up eating at BURGER KING. Note to self.....NEVER, EVER EAT AT BURGER KING. The woman working the counter was power tripping the lady in front of me because she wanted to change her order. Insane!! Why do people power trip? Do I ever power trip? I hope not. In fact, I'm the best person in the world.

I waited twenty minutes to order a FISH BURGER that tasted like it had been sitting under the heat lamp since lunch time. My stomach is still discombobulated due to the terrible food that I subjected myself too. Why? why? WHY?

And the world shrinks smaller and smaller. A friend whom I hadn't seen in over 10 years read my blog earlier today and was on the lookout for me as he too would be at SJ AIRPORT. This gentleman is named BUZZ and I first met him when SKANKIN' PICKLE toured through SALT LAKE CITY. He came up to me while I was at BK HELL and he said "ARE YOU MIKE PARK?" and I looked at him and said "BUZZ??"

That's over 10 years of not seeing someone and being able to pull his name out like that.....WELL, I was pretty impressed by my super hero power. YAY for me. At first I thought "Damn, I'm famous.. Everywhere I go they know me".

But alas, while waiting in line to board the plane a guy said the magic words "ARE YOU MIKE PARK"? YES, I AM. Damn, I'm famous.
Mike "SUPER STAR" Park