May 08, 2008

8:21 AM
The battle continues to rage. No not the democratic primary, but allergy season. But I will win!! All the way to the WHITE HOUSE. I admit that I've become a strong hater of Hilary Clinton. In fact, her actions and........shooots, let me be honest. I can't even look at her. I get so angry. I don't like Bill and I don't like Chelsea. Obama is a good man and I feel a connection that I've not felt before. He worked for everything he's achieved and truly is a man who wants to work for change for all of America.

But yeah, it's surely made for an exciting election year. I guess drama is good if it reels in folks who otherwise wouldn't care about the election. We'll see if the apathy continues for young America. I'm heading out to Phoenix tonight. I will have in tow my wife and daughter which will be nice. I'm playing two shows, one in Phoenix and one in Tucson. Should be a nice and relaxing time. I'll participate with the ANDREW JACKSON folks who put on the show and yeah.. fun all around. We're staying at my sister in laws home where we will meet our new nephew for the first time. Should be exciting.
be well.
Mike Park