May 01, 2008

-Do any of you happen to have experience with accounting software? I have been using PEACHTREE for my accounting and need to transfer the info. to QUICKBOOKS. Anybody know how to do this? If you do and can help me, please shoot me an email.
9:33 AM
I just bought a Clash poster for $16.99. This is very rare for me because:
A.I am a cheapskate and rarely spend any money on physical goods
B.I am a cheapskate

But yes, I bought a 40 X 55 LONDON CALLING poster that will hang on my wall to show the world how punk I am. Ummm..yah

The facial hair continues to grow in anticipation for CINCO DE MUSTACHE this Saturday. People take this event awfully serious as a full barrage of facial hair in all shapes and sizes will be on hand. I'll be sure to take pictures as I did last year.

And what about allergy season? Do any of you suffer from the high pollen count this time of year. Can you see the red in my eye?
OUCH!!! Itch itch..
Mike Park