April 28, 2008

1:55 PM
Happy Monday!!
I am pretty much back to 100% when it comes to my health. I lost about 5 pounds over the course of two days of not eating, but made up for it last night by eating a large pizza with the works. And a few sodas to wash it down with. That was the test to see if my stomach was back to par and of course it was ready for the challenge. Good for me eh?

My friend Hiro Tanaka is visiting for a few days as he waits to meet up with a band called MINUS THE BEAR whom he is touring with. I've yet to hear their music, but will see them play on Wednesday close by in Santa Cruz. I guess they are pretty popular now? Shows how much I'm on top of the indie scene. And Hiro tells me I met them in Seattle years ago, but that doesn't ring a bell either. Good for me eh? And I don't do drugs. That's not a good sign.

I lost out on $100 due to my cancelled flights over the weekend. Boohoo!! Airlines are scrambling recently with a slew of new rules and regulations. Mergers and closures and chaos seem to be the norm lately. Hope this doesn't mean prices keep climbing and climbing. Back to work for me. Iím gonna try to leave by 3 PM so I can hang out with Hiro. FUN FUN
Peace, mike park