April 24, 2008

8:40 AM
I should be 30,000 ft high somewhere above Arizona, but I am sitting here at home with the stomach flu. It all came into fruition yesterday morning. After a few hours, I knew something was wrong as I lay in the fetal position. The stomach was doing cartwheels as nausea remained a constant during the next 18 hours. In and and out of consciousness, the day was a complete blur. Geeez, it was the most sleep I've ever had in my life. Wish the circumstances were different, but I feel a million times better now and hope to be completely better by the weekend.

Unfortunately I had to cancel out on Austin, Houston, and New Orleans. My apologies go out to my tens of fans who were looking forward to seeing me play. I apologize greatly and hope I can make it back there sooner than later. I wonder if my plane tickets are transferable? I hope so.

Well, I guess I'll lie down now. FUN FUN
Peace, mike park