April 23, 2008

6:34 AM
It's allergy season. My eyes are red, my nose is full of snot, and yeah.. it's fun for sure. I sit here half awake with a mouth guard in place to protect my incessant grinding of the teeth. Hope it's not to late to save me from more dental work. I leave tomorrow for AUSTIN, TX.. 6:30 AM flight that will put me in TX. at 1 PM. That's why I'm awake now. So I can print my boarding pass and get that stupid A GROUP via SOUTHWEST. Hopefully the flight aint completely packed, but I have a feeling it will be at full capacity. Flying.. FUN FUN FUN

Comic/illustrator Mitch Clem will pick me up at the airport. I've never met Mitch before, so I'm excited to hang out and talk. Found out he's a basketball fan, so it will be nice to pick his brain about the evils of the San Antonio Spurs.

This past weekend was the memorial show for Lynette Knackstedt. It was a nice way to reach some closure for myself. Finding the common love of music as a way to celebrate her life was refreshing even if it meant playing music that was untouched for over a decade. I.E. Skankin' Pickle songs. Or at least certain songs like the oh so juvenile "I MISSED THE BUS". Oh the pain of singing those lyrics once again.

But yeah, I think it was a special night for a lot of people. Especially her family. We ended up raising nearly $1,700 for charity. A great send off, but I'd rather have Lynette alive and kicking.
Mike Park