April 17, 2008

11:14 AM
The turbulence flying to Ontario was pretty bad. One huge drop followed by another even huger one had me smiling in fear. The lady next to me smiled and said "The winds are strong". I nodded yes.

But we landed safely and I was greeted in ROCK STAR fashion with a sign that read MIKE PARK. As the paparazzi surrounded me, I headed into my 1999 TOYOTA CELLICA limousine with a bottle of water to quench my thirst. My rider usually calls for EVIAN, but I made an exception as I was in a good mood. All kidding aside. I was picked up by Elliot and Dave who work at the radio station at UC RIVERSIDE. We raced towards campus hoping for limited road congestion.

The fear of traffic killing me softly turned into a smooth ride towards the university. The newly remodeled venue called the BARN would house the ROCK SHOW. I last played there in 1997. 11 years later I would return to a massive show of about 40 to 50 people and a good dozen security guards were hired to serve and protect from the mob of crazed fans. I could only think of the large amount of money that must have been spent on these dudes. They could have given it to me. DOH!!

Anyways, the afternoon was a blur. Arriving at 4:57 PM, 25 minutes to the campus, and then an hour and a half before I would play. I was opening for the SKELETONES . A band whom I knew well from yesteryear. Including old members who rejoined the band after a long hiatus. Skankin' Pickle had played a show in RIVERSIDE in 1990. We stayed with the keyboardist of the SKELETONES in his 1 bedroom apartment. I always wonder about people of the past and now 18 years later, I'm embracing him like time standing still. FUN for sure.

My show was more of a blur. Hard to tell if it was fruitful. I couldn't read the crowd. But I still had fun. I played a short set. Probably 25 minutes. And that was it. I packed up my stuff, drank a soda, and headed back to the airport.

An empty Ontario airport made for a quick check in and an even more empty flight to San Jose had me traveling in luxury. Landing at 10:43 PM, I was in my car within 5 minutes. Paid $24 for parking and stepped foot in my house at 10:58 PM.
I am a winner.
Mike Park