April 10, 2008

10:51 AM
What do you do for a living????
This is a question I often get, but I'm never quite sure how to answer. I just say I'm a musician. Oh really? What do you play? I always say saxophone, even though I never play the instrument. Not sure why I say that, but it seems to get a better response than guitar. I mean everyone plays guitar, but how many people play saxophone?

But regardless, I'm in the music business and that means I go to a lot of concerts. Mostly stuff in small clubs, makeshift venues, and even people's basements. Two nights ago I realized that I've only seen perhaps two shows in a big arena. I saw REM in high school back in the 80's and also U2 sometime during the same time frame.

I've just never liked the format of seeing music surrounded by 20,000 people. The intimacy is gone and blah blah blah
BUT.. Recently, I've been getting hooked up with free tickets to the local arena called the HP PAVILLION and since it's only 10 minutes away I've been going to these massive rock shows. And last night was BON JOVI.. That's 2 arena shows in 4 days. (We're actually a lot closer than it seems by this photo)

A friend made an observation that people who go to arena shows probably go to concerts once or twice a year, so the event is much bigger to them. They probably spent $100 on a ticket, so they should lose their minds and enjoy the evening to the fullest. And thus makes the arena show a crazy experience. And I'll be totally honest with you, I've enjoyed both shows quite a bit. BON JOVI was just over the top. I just went with it and clapped along, raised my hands, sang along, and yup I was going for it. Why not? (Hey look!! 2 BON JOVI fans)

There was an opening band that people really seemed to like, but still I have no idea who they are. I asked the woman next to me and she said it was the guy who was on AMERICAN IDOL. Do you recognize him?
(He came on stage again during BON JOVI and the crowd went nuts)

Damn, the AMERICAN IDOL phenomenon is for real. That sucks. But what cha gonna do.

I only recognized three songs by BON JOVI.

Wasn't BON JOVI a metal band in the 80's? Well, if they were...they're not anymore. They are just a rock n' roll band. I think the funniest moment of the night, was when they broke into a cover of the EISLEY BROS song "SHOUT". Was I at a wedding? Anyways, good times good times.
My favorite member of BON JOVI is the keyboard player. He looked like a member of SPINAL TAP. Here he is playing the accordion. Amazing.
Mike Park