April 07, 2008

We ventured towards Oakland at 9:54 AM for the brand new ALL YOU CAN EAT section at McAfee Stadium. Where the Oakland A's would battle the Cleveland Indians.

$35 got you a ticket, as we met up with a group of 13 others who were willing to cough up the dough and eat really bad food. It was a good crew of people consisting of serious eaters. Two dudes managed 10 hot dogs, which was really admirable. And well... me? Not as much as I thought, but here's what I did eat:
6 hot dogs
2 nachos
5 sodas
2 ice cream sandwiches
some peanuts
and some popcorn

The problem was, the food just tasted really bad. It seemed like this was overstock food that they needed to get rid of. Everything was kind of luke warm and the nacho cheese sauce was just so thick and disgusting. I hadn't eaten all day, so I would be ready to kick arse on this ALL YOU CAN EAT event, but besides the first few bites everything tasted awfully bad. But I'm glad I tried it once. But never ever again. Unless it's free of course.

Mmmmm... Good!

They stopped serving food after the 7th inning, so we decided to leave. Well, myself, Rob(visiting from Chicago), and Bobosa. We had been there since 10:50 AM, so we were pretty burnt out even without the mass consumption of crap.

We trekked back to the south bay, said goodbye to Bob and picked up Maggie and Monica before heading out to Santa Cruz to see the ALKALINE TRIO.

At this point Rob and I were running on fumes. His sunburned midwestern head was dozing off during the drive. But our adrenaline picked up again once we made it to the ocean air of Santa Cruz. It was good to see the guys in Trio. It was the first time for Danny and Derek to meet Maggie. She seemed to like them quite a bit and I think she had a really good time before Monica took her home well before the show started.
Alkaline Trio meets Maggie Park

Rob and I stayed through the show and then caught a ride home from a friend who lives close by.
It was still fairly earl when we got home. Probably around 11:30 PM.
I felt terrible, but luckily I fell asleep right away. AND NOW?? I feel great!! WOOHOO!

Oh, by the way. I won tickets to see BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN and a meet and greet with LITTLE STEVEN. He's a funny guy. He said "CONGRATULATIONS on winning!!" and then we took this picture:
And that was it. Maybe 10 seconds of interaction. But look at that picture. Man, we look like best friends.
Mike Park