April 01, 2008

9:10 AM
An important day has come and gone and that would be opening day of the 2008 baseball season. Luckily, the home opener for my beloved Oakland A's doesn't start til' tonight and will include yours truly in attendance. The season kind of snuck up on me as I was away on tour, but thankfully I've got my ticket for tonight and will again support the low budget Oakland Athletics. Only a few teams can sport a lineup of no names quite the way the A's do. Remarkably the FLORIDA MARLINS and their 21 MILLION DOLLAR PAYROLL makes the A's look like BILLIONAIRES in their spending habits, but I'm pretty psyched for this years cast of nobody's. We'll see if we can compete...

This year, the A's are offering an ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT section. For $35 you can go to town on the following items:

Yeah, not the best selection, but when you factor in the cost of NACHOS at $4 and a HOT DOG at $3.50, then you've given me a fighting chance. If I can eat 2 NACHOS and 6 hot dogs, 4 sodas, a crack jacks box, and cotton candy, well I will win. Not only will I have gotten my money's worth, but I will have actually made money.

A group of brave souls will tackle this new section this SUNDAY. Photos and a major report will be included. Be well and PLAY BALL!
Mike Park