March 28, 2008

Maggies favorite Kitty

Close up with Kitty

Maggie eating snow

Maggie with Great Grampi Nappi

8:03 AM
It seems like clock work that I wake up at exactly 7 AM each morning. What a great time to be up. Not too late, not too early, but just right. Maggie slept 12 hours straight through the night. What a good girl. Nothing like having a good baby who can give mommy and daddy some peace and quiet.

The family went out for burritos last night. My first Mexican food since being home. We decided to drive down a major street called WINCHESTER and just go to the first mom and pop looking Taqueria. Yes, we are adventurous. We stopped at a place called RICO'S TACOS. I'd give it a 3 out of 5. No rice in their burritos took points away, but still not bad and super cheap. Two veggie burritos were only $8.

On our way back home we stopped at TOYS R' US. The eye candy stimulation for Maggie was insane. Running through the aisles grabbing everything. Throwing balls, recognizing toys that she already has(doing double takes), and most importantly tiring her out. And then I did a double take. Did that guy have an SS t-shirt on? You know.. the Hitler era Germany SS troops emblem. And the words WHITE PRIDE written along the bottom? Holy S*@T.. It is an SS shirt and confederate flag suspenders. Insane. Tatoos aplenty with a punk rock wife and a little baby girl. The visual was insane. Imagine a racist white pride toting good ol' boy surrounded by the fluffy confines of TOYS R' US and then throw in the cultural diversity that is the bay area and you've got a crazy movie in the works. "RACIST AT TOYS R' US". The new action film by Quinten Tarrentino. I'd go.

Wish I had my camera. I could have pretended to take pictures of Maggie and... oh well. Ok, have a good weekend. Be well.
Mike Park