March 27, 2008

11:20 AM
Yes, I made it home safely. Sorry for not writing for the past 9 days, but I've had to regroup from tour, catch up on work(Still doing that), and just spend time with family. But I'm feeling much better even though I've had to deal with some complicated tax stuff that I won't get into, but I so badly want to vent.. But won't put you through my misery.

Where do I start? I guess we'll start with family. How wonderful it is to finally embrace my daughter. She is 16 months old now, but still can't talk. She tries to say words, but it mostly comes out sounding like "DAADAA". That's daddy right? But she'll say it for everything. JACKET=DADDA
Oh well, soon enough eh? But in the month apart, she's definitely doing so many new things. Being able to climb up on tables, chairs, and couches. I'll look away and BAM!! She's up on the couch reading a book. And back down she'll go. She's still fond of eating dirt. Not sure why, but hey there's good minerals in there right?

Anyways, I'll get back on track with daily blogs(or nearly everyday), so I'll just end here and join up again tomorrow. Be well people. Be well.
Mike Park