December 24, 2003
3:26 PM

Dance DANCE Revolution!! I went to Nickel City last night and danced the night away. Only 6 nickels and I was king of the dance floor. That's a tough game. The arcade was empty last night, so it was no waiting for any games. Met up with a friend from High School named Scott and his brother Ryan. Scott is a big shot in LA now. He produces music videos and worked on the video for Allyah(Is that how you spell her name?) that had the tragic plane crash. He drove her to the airport. What significance does that have? I don't really know. Kind of morbid. Sorry for that. We stayed til' the arcade closed and then I headed home. This morning I met up with my friend Mara. She was heading to Monterey to be with family for the holidays and graced me with her presence for a few hours. She lives in San Francisco and I'm on the way to Monterey. Anyways, this Mara girl is top notch. Her personality shines leaps and bounds above the rest. She cracks me up and I just want to hang out with her always. We went to my favorite restaurant and got soup and then had those bubble drinks with the tapioca at the bottom. Yummmm... And now I'm at moms house(Asian Man Records) and am waiting for my sister to come by as we will go to church. It's xmas eve.. Yikes.. Shopping? I still haven't gone. I actually pulled into the parking lot at FRYS Electronics to get some dvd's as presents, but the lot was so packed and there was so much chaos that I just made a big loop and left the parking lot. Yucky....I hate the xmas shopping experience. What am I going to do? I'm considering just giving a card and money to loved ones. WHy not. I know I'd be happy to be the recepient of cash instead of useless junk. Don't you think. Well, I got to go. Merry Xmas to all. I hope Xmas story is playing on TV. I hope santa brings you what you want....

Peace, love, and unity from, Mr. Mike Park