March 17, 2008

12:57 PM
I believe it's ST. PATRICK'S DAY? I saw some footage on Deutsch television of people drinking green beer and they definitely looked American, so yup... I'm guessing it must be that time of year. Good thing my pants are green, so I'll be safe from being pinched.

Tomorrow we leave for the United States. My wife and daughter will still be in Maine until Saturday, March 22nd, which makes me sad. But I'm still looking forward to getting back to the comfortable surroundings of home. Skylar has informed me that mailorder at ASIAN MAN is backed up so I'll be jumping in head first trying to catch up on all the fun. I don't mind. I'm looking forward to it to be honest.

We're on a 4.5 hour train ride to BERLIN. This is the last train we'll take and then it's a marathon of a day tomorrow as we travel from BERLIN to FRANKFURT to SAN FRANCISCO and then an hour drive home. SUNDOWNER has to fly all the way back to San Francisco and then back to Chicago the next day. Poor guy. Hiro on the other hand is staying in Europe for two more weeks. He'll head back to TOKYO for one week and then all the way back to the states as he will venture out with Minus the Bear. Wow, that's a long time away from home. But he lives for touring. He's got more energy than anyone in the world. It was weird seeing him when he was sick. His skinny frame reminded me of a sickly MR. BURNS. Thank goodness he is back to full strength.

We spent the last 19 hours in Roth, Bavaria. I had become friends with a gentleman named Michael whom put a show together for me last time through Europe. The city is quite small, but for some reason they have a healthy punk scene with a strong knowledge of obscure punk culture. Whether it be issues of COMETBUS lying in his bedroom, or rare vinyl by DILLINGER 4. He loves punk culture and damn if it's not pretty cool to meet someone who has a lot in common all the way across the other side of the world.

We played the show in a small coffee shop. No PA system, just acoustic guitars and our voices. I'd have to say one of the best shows of the tour. Such a laid back feel and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. I even took off my clothes for some reason? Why? I have no idea. I just got so excited. FUN FUN
Ok, back to staring out the window.
Mike Park