March 16, 2008

1:32 PM
Bavaria!! Smoking is not allowed. HALLELUJAH!! We arrived in Buchloe at 5:41 PM and were met at the station by Schorsk(pronounced George). A quick 5 minute drive to the club where we were informed of the no smoking law that was now in effect. We enjoyed the comfy confines of the club, which was laced with an array of couches and other wonderful amenities to make our stay more comfortable. In Europe, the clubs always offer us drinks as soon as we arrive. Deutschland is especially kind when it comes to making one feel at home. Do they do this in the US if you're small potatoes like myself and Sundowner? I don't think so.....

Picture this: The building we played in looked like a home in the middle of a very quiet residential area. And definitely more country side looking, but once inside, the following existed:
and of course the bottom bar where we played. So our evening was mapped out. We would travel approximately 30 ft next door to the pizza parlor and eat dinner, go up 15(I counted) stairs to watch a play at 8 PM, head back down to play our show and then head to the top of the building where we would sleep for the night. Nice..... All within a 30 second walk of each other. How can you beat that? I could live there and never leave the building if needed.

We had a big garden salad that was about 25% onions. And luckily I love onions. And then the big pizza pie came. I ate 3 pieces, but could have eaten more. Sundowner also had 3, but Hiro came up short with only 2. They asked if we wanted more, but I didn't want to be rude, so I said "Oh no.. We're fine". The restaurant was very busy. A party of 6 had to eat in the bar where we were playing, which actually turned out to be a good thing as one of the women didn't eat all her pizza, so when they left I finished it. The locals were kind of grossed out by this, but it was yummy and I got two extra pieces this way. Advantage: PARK

This was my 2nd time to play in Buchloe and unfortunately a smaller crowd this time through. Around 40-50 people perhaps. Sundowner played a raucous set and marveled all with such witty banter about every day being NEW YEARS, hence every previous night being NEW YEARS EVE. And then I stepped up to the plate and played around 45 minutes. I had a pretty good time. Much better than the previous few shows. It seemed like people were genuinely enjoying themselves and that's all I can really hope for.

The show finished pretty early, so Hiro and I actually hung out for a bit. We even drank half a beer each. Call us wild. Par for the course, all people were super nice, but something about Deutschland makes me enjoy the company even more. It would be fun to live in Bavaria for a few months. I would be one of very few Koreans living in the area. Maybe open a Korean restaurant? Hmmmm....

The flat we stayed in was heated by a wood burning furnace. Isn't there a word for these things? You don't just call them a wood burning furnace do you? Anyways, it was quite warm considering outside it was freezing. The TV had CNN, so we caught up on the multiple of tragedies happening back home and around the world. I slept on the couch and fell asleep watching ANIMAL HOUSE in Deutsch. Sundowner came stumbling in at around 3:30 AM. We spoke some incoherent gibberish to each other and then it was lights out.

And so morning came and we were alone in this flat, not sure if we were supposed to wait around for the promoter to come back, so we decided to walk to the train station. 5 minutes into the walk George came driving by. He had slept in the downstairs bar and was awoken by our departure which coincided with a conversation with an older woman who spoke no English. He took us to breakfast and now we are minutes away from ROTH. More BAVARIA!! YAY!!
Mike Park