March 15, 2008

3:22 PM
What a beautiful day. Easily the warmest day we've experienced. And even though most of it has been spent on trains, we're still happy to be looking out the window seeing the sun shining bright. Knowing that this is the same sun that is shining at 7:19 AM back at home. Or at least part of it is shining. Or at least a good chance a part of it is shining.

We're taking a grand total of three trains today on route to BUCHLOE. A small city south of MUNICH. We should be crossing the border within the next few minutes. Wonder if there will be POLIZIE coming through for passport control? We got stopped randomly while walking in the subway station in Vienna. It was strange. They had a computer and just ran our passports and we were free to go. Good thing Hiro isn't a hardened criminal eh?

Yesterday morning we decided to walk to the train station in BUDAPEST. It was an hour walk through the city, so we thought "Why not?" A good chance to see more of the architecture and get some exercise. The weather was perfect. Not too hot, not too cold, just right. For fun, we rode 50 METERS on the oldest SUBWAY in EUROPE. The locals tell us that the original look has been kept intact since the beginning. COOL....

Good thing we went for this walk cause the weather turned on us, but we were safely situated in the train. Back in Vienna, we stopped for more falafel and then took the underground for 6 minutes(5.40 EUROS for 3 people) and then a local train to our final destination: WIENER NEUSTADT. A call to the promoter and a car came within 5 minutes to pick us up. Barely a speck of rain hit our bodies and now we were cruising wireless internet inside the club, drinking sparkling water on comfy couches situated in the backstage area. We were treated to more falafel(no more please) for dinner and then got ready for the show.

SUNDOWNER has been drinking with the neighboring city folks and they all drove far to take part in more debauchery. And though SUNDOWNER woke with a throbbing headache, he quickly put his game face on and continued to make the mid-west proud by accepting free drinks from all directions. New friends from SALZBURG opened the show. A band called 7 YEARS BAD LUCK playing an acoustic set. They had actually put on the show for us a few days prior in SALZBURG, but now were part of the R & R experience. Not much I can say about the show. Like I said earlier, it seems like I'm just going through the motions on stage, so it's been pretty uneventful for me at least. It would probably be best to just say "AMAZING!! Best show ever". But the truth wasn't the best show. And that's too no fault of anyone, but me. I have put myself in this frame of mind during the final stretch of shows. Perhaps I can turn it around for the final 3 gigs.

During my set I had asked if anyone was from VIENNA and if they could let us stay with them. This was done for various reasons, but mostly due to the fact that it would allow us another 2 hours of sleep vs. taking several small trains and subways to get to VIENNA. And of course the power of punk rock put us in the welcoming arms of a man named Jack. At 6 ft. 4 inches tall, wearing a GOOD RIDDANCE hoodie and blue hair, he invited us back to his flat, as we all crammed into his girlfriends car. We took the hour drive to VIENNA and poured out like clowns in a circus stunt upon arrival.

Another huge flat that had a fooseball table in the middle of the living room in which Sundowner and I played a quick match to 2. I lost 2-1. 3 matresses were situated amongst a cluttered room of punk fliers, records, cd's, and other various rubbish. A pot of tea was prepared as we sat around and talked. I was so tired upon arrival, but got a second wind and didn't end up falling asleep til' past 2:30AM. I woke up at 6 AM to use the restroom and met one of their roomates who must have just gotten in from a late night. The floors would creak with every step, so it was hard keeping quiet as I had to travel through Jack's room. Now I was wide awake, but managed to fall asleep again til' almost 9 and then I was up for good. About 6 hours of sleep I guess.

I've managed a 30 minute nap on the first leg of this trip, so I'm ready to go for the rest of the evening. YAY....
Mike Park