March 12, 2008

11:54 AM

We just caught the 11:36 AM train to Vienna. It's been raining hard all morning. My head is congested and overall I think I've caught one of those head colds that will be persistent for at least a week or so. Just need to tough it out for now. Only 6 shows remain. It's been hard to enjoy our time in Europe due to being ill. Hiro tries so hard not to let us know how sick he is, but he missed the show again last night, which proves to us that he isn't doing well. His 1,000 picture a day quota has been reduced a few measly hundred and he has been sleeping every chance he has. My illness leaves me in limbo. The kind of sickness that doesn't require you to miss school or work, but it's still there pounding on your head to remind you that things aren't quite right. Damn you sickness!! Damn you!!

And SUNDOWNER you ask? Well, he's back to his good ol' self. Representing the legacy of the Lawrence Arms by accepting drinks from fans whilst never having to spend a dime of his hard earned cash. He is currently reading his fourth book of the tour while I've managed to read the directions on how to assemble the toy inside a KINDER EGG. Good for me. He's flying through NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. He has no more books after this, so he'll be stuck in idle conversation with me. And that's not gonna be fun. I never got to see the SOUND OF MUSIC rolling hills of Salzburg, but I did get to eat a KASEKRANER. Sundowner has been talking about this since day one of tour. Telling us how much he loves this sausage that is a trademark of SALZBURG. At least that's what I'm guessing. I could be totally wrong. As soon as our train arrived, the first little take out stand just outside the station had this aforementioned item which can only be described as greasy, yummy, cheesy, and greasy. Probably not the best medicine for a sickly body, but that's life. We had to do it. SUNDOWNER even paid for our fancy meal since he's been hyping this moment for so long. And though he said this wasn't one of the best ones he has had, it still got the flavor across and yeah I have to agree it's pretty good. I'll try it again if the opportunity comes into play.

People like to smoke in Europe. Or perhaps people like to smoke everywhere? It just seems that the last two shows have been a hell ride through TOBACCO LAND. A new theme park that requires everyone to smoke and all the rides are enclosed trams that feature HAUNTED MANSION esque scenery. But never the one to be rude.. cough cough....I stand alone in the dressing room or someplace far away from the stench of smoke. Thank GOD the UK was now part of the no-smoking allegiance. But I hope those who put on these shows don't think I'm some kind of introvert for not hanging out at the show. Being sick + smoke=@#*$#@(*&#$%@)*($&#

We stayed in an adjoined sleeping quarter atop the club. Something that we've experienced a lot throughout the years in Europe. Clubs that feature lodging kick ass. There's nothing better than having to travel no more than 30 seconds to your place of rest. And in this case it became a safehaven for me as I hid from the smoke. I spent a grand total of 63 minutes inside rock show. This is including the time I played, selling merchandise, and settling up on getting paid. Pretty good eh? I even washed two shirts in the sink and they were completely dry by the morning.
After the show I took the hottest shower my body could withstand for a grand total of 8 minutes. Taking long showers is not an easy thing for me. Usually I'm in and out in less than 3 minutes. Got good and dry and then nestled into my bed for the night. I turned on the TV, where we got two non-English speaking channels which featured PAPER MOON on one as I faded off listening to Tatum O'Neil speaking Deustch. Ahhhhhh.. The pleasantries of 4 star lodging. zzzzzz....
Mike Park