December 23, 2003
11:01 AM

I have dry mouth right now. I don't know why? I'm drinking some tea, but it doesn't seem to help. 2 days til' Xmas. Yikes.. Still haven't done any Xmas shopping and am dreading the task that must be done. I'm gonna wait til' tomorrow to do it. Why not wait til' the last minute. Perhaps I'll check on the internet to see if there's a shop that I can go to that stays open til' the late late late hours tomorrow night and I'll hit that up. Argghhhh... Or maybe I'll just give my family asian man records t-shirts. Lord knows I give everybody else one. Man, it seems like my mind is racing in circles these last few days. I can't seem to slow down. I've got so many things on my mind. Perhaps I'm putting to much on myself. Hmmm....Anyways, my body is falling apart. My right shoulder hurts, my upper left rib hurts, and my left elbow hurts. What's the deal? Yet, I still go to the YMCA and play basketball. I can't help it...I hate conventional exercise. Basketball is a game and it's fun. The thought of just going to the gym and lifting weights and running on a treadmill.. NO way. If I'm gonna run, I'm gonna run outside and stomp through leaves and smell the polluted air. Cough... I'm gonna go play basketball in about 30 minutes, but I'm in pain. When I wake up I am stiff and groan. Did you know that it only takes me 2 minutes to get ready. As soon as my alarm goes off, I'm up in about 3 seconds, rip off my pajamas and put on whatever clothes are readily available and I'm out the door. Today I looked at my watch and it was exactly 2 minutes after my alarm went off that I was out the door. Pretty impressive eh? What about brushing my teeth you ask? Well, I need to do that right now. I'll be right back....................

Oooooh, I'm done and refreshed. Maybe that's why my mouth was so dry. I feel good. Last night I needed to make a copy of my house key and I raced downtown in my van to get a copy. I got to the place and the guy says he shut down his machine and to go try the one on first street. Well, that's only 5 blocks away so I give a slow jog down to the one on first street, but it's closed.. But I see someone in there and knock on the door. Luckily he opens up and makes me some copies. I am out of breath at this point and he asks me some questions, but his English was so broken it was hard to understand and I consider myself extremely talented when it comes to broken Englsih. Oh well. I had to say Excuse me 3 times and then after the third one I still didn't know what he said so I just said HA.. And smiled and gave a quick chuckle hoping that was the proper response. He didn't say anything after that. Then I rushed home to meet Christine my new roomie and to give her the house key. I started to clean up when my phone rang and it was this girl named Lucy whom I was to hang out with. I said where are you? And she said outside your house. YIkes...I run down stairs and let Lucy in. Lucy is a friend I met through Mr. Jason Thinh. Perhaps you've heard his name before since he's a main force in my newsletters. Anyways, Lucy is nearly 6 ft. tall and her last name is Kelava. For years I thought she was Russian, but she's Croatian, but couldn't tell me anything about Croatia even though she's been there twice in the last 8 years. I think I knew more about Croatia than she did. Anyways, the plan was to walk and talk. One of my favorite things to do because: get to know someone and learn something new(Hopefully) get to excercise instead of sitting at home in front of the boob tube get to see your surroundings
Lucy doesn't know much about San Jose so I showed her around and let her experience the grace of the fine city. We caught a movie called the Cooler starring William H. Macy and then we walked for ages. Lots of stuff is going on downtown. There's xmas in the park and there's ice skating and rides. I tried to get Lucy to ice skate, but she said she has terrible balance and would fall. But that's the fun of it. Falling and falling. No? Hmmm...

Geez. this is running a bit long... Ummm... Anyways, we ended up walking until 11:30 PM. Lucy headed home and I was going to clean a bit and then go to sleep. But then I get a call from Jason Thinh and he's at this bar downtown and he says come on down. So I jump on my bike and head on down to the Caravan. It's $1.50 bud night and though I rarely drink I purchase a round for myself and a few friends in the bar. And it actually tasted really good. I was riding hard and thirsty so I drank it down pretty quickly and got one more. And I was definitely buzzed. Not drunk but just kind of buzzed. I hadn't eaten all night, so it kind of made things a bit more magnified for me. Met some cute girls and then headed to another bar for Karaoke. The clock was ticking and I needed to be up at 8 AM for work. It's now 1:38 AM. And I stand up and say I'm out of here. Say my goodbyes and race home on my bike. The weather was so nice. Not too cold and I just rode fast and was home in like 6 minutes. Brushed my teeth went to sleep and still got 6 hours!! WOOHOO!! Man, this was long and winded. If you made it this far...Congratulations you win..

Peace, Mike Park