September 14, 2003
8:47 AM

Oooooohhhh.... Sleepy, in my attempt to write something everyday I seriously could not sleep thinking about writing a newsletter.. Strange eh?? Yawn...Stretch..Yubba dubba doo.. Well, it's finally cooled down a bit. I feel quite comfortable right now. After yesterdays heat wave I am thankful for this morning breeze... Let's check the temp. forecast today.. Hold on one second.. Ahhh.. High of 92.. Yikes, but not as bad as yestedays 100. My plans today...I'm gonna take my mom to church at 10 A.M., she goes to a Korean church and if any of you are Korean then you know exactly what it's like. I wish everyone could experience Korean church, it's very....well...KOREAN. Anyways, after that I'll be heading over to my friend Christines for a big, big, big party. She hosts the best events and makes so much yummy food. I'm real excited about it all. I'm looking forward to it. And that's it. Perhaps I'll go for a bike ride later tonight to work off the glutonous behavior I am sure to display, but that's it for today. I'll check in tomorrow.

Peace always, Mike Park