March 09, 2008

2:23 PM
Today is worst day on tour. HANDS DOWN!!! We are currently on a train to LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND even though we have a show in Luxembourg tonight. How this happened you ask? Well, not 100% sure, but this is what I've got for you:
We bought EURO RAIL PASSES in the US of A. They cost $560 each and are good for travel in 17 countries including France and Luxembourg. BUT....when we went to the station today, they said that these passes were no good for today because they limit the amount of tickets for our pass? Huh? I'm looking at our pass and can find ZERO information regarding this clause. The current state of rage has built my adrenaline to a boiling point whereas any signs of my flu/cold are gone. Replaced with anger that would set off Bruce Banner into HULK level greenery.

I guess the kicker is that they do have tickets, but not for us. We were informed that we could buy full priced tickets for 210 EUROS for the three of us. 210 EUROS?? For what. We bought tickets already. I then tried finding tickets to any city out of France. Once we get out of this country, we can just ride any train. France charges you a service fee just to reserve the seats. Even though we have tickets, they take money to book your seat. Are you kidding me? This is a total SCAM!! Capitalism at its best.

Looking at our tickets, we paid a 15 EURO charge to go to Lausanne, Switzerland and then they charged us another 9 EUROS to go to ZURICH. The thing is, once in Switzerland, we could have rode the train for free. Damn. I'm so bummed out right now.

We have no idea how to get a hold of the promoter in Luxembourg. We tried and tried calling, but the pay phone wouldn't recognize the number that I have.

We have no idea where we are staying tonight, but we all agreed that we needed to get out of France. Our French experience tainted by illness and corruption in the public transport system. This much pessimism from me is rare, but so is life. The thing is, we were graced with such kindness from our hosts in Guerilla Poubelle. The vocalist/guitarist(TILL) was one of the kindest most generous persons on this tour. Plus, an amazing band. I need to have some hope here. I'm thinking about the kids who are looking forward to seeing us play tonight and can't help but feel terrible for not being there. And even worse....., no explanation from us. Just a no show? How can I get a hold of the promoter?
It is now several hours later. 5:35 PM to be exact, but not much has changed except I have my adrenaline has ceased and therefore my illness is felt in full effect. I'm definitely running a fever and just need to get some place to rest. Where that is?? I don't know. Will probably have to splurge and get a hotel for the night. From my memory of ZURICH, there's not much happening on Sundays. Everything closes early and everything is extremely expensive. Not two ingredients that mix well with me at the present. We need to change trains in approximately 20 minutes, so I'll write more on the next leg of travel. What else do I have to do?

6:54 PM
1 hr and 35 minutes remain til' we hit Zurich. The promoter is Luxembourg is probably still at the train station wondering where the hell we are. But how do I get in touch with him when the numbers they gave don't work? This is an awkward situation to be in. One that I don't relish. It's tough financially to lose money, but more than anything we're upset to let people down whom want to see us play. Friends in Luxembourg, please forgive us.