March 07, 2008

1 PM
Things have taken a turn for the worse. All three of us are sick. Flu and cold symptoms aplenty. My throat is on fire. Looks like Hiro is the worst off thus far. (SICK AS @#$# on the TRAIN)
He is freezing cold, even though it's plenty warm aboard our EUROSTAR train bound for PARIS. By the way, to make matters worse, we are at a standstill as there are electrical problems 30 minutes into this 3 hour journey. The conductor has informed us that we will be delayed at least 1 hour. YIkes. There are screaming kids everywhere. I'm not kidding. In this sickened state, we just need rest and relaxation. (CHRIS MANAGES TO SLEEP THROUGH THE CHAOS) We're already considering canceling tomorrow nights show in Belgium. I guess we'll see how we feel. I'm hoping we can beat this. By the way, none of the stores that are the equivalent of a 7-11 or AM/PM have cough drops. What up UK? In a mad dash attempt to get some throat lozenges, we scampered through the train station stores, but nothing. ARGGHH!!! How wonderful it would be to suck on a ricola. RIIIIICOLA!

Hey, we're moving again. Nice... We have been in contact with a ton of people who were sick, just had been sick, or were getting sick? Ugghhh... Seemed like a lot of people had colds/flu. Shooootzzz. I'm sure we caught it from somebody. But who? Hmmmm..... Who can we blame.

We stayed with my friend Mark whom lives with his family in KINGSTON. Marks mom is a nurse and cares for two live in seniors. I was worried our presence would wake them, but Mark assured me that they wouldn't hear us. It was quite a big house. 6 bedrooms and a huge living room area where Chris and I slept(Hiro took one of the extra rooms). We arrived with large plates of LUMPIA(Spring rolls), Ponseed(Kind of a chow mien), sweetened rice cakes, and rice waiting for us to devour. We filled our bellies with good food and tried getting to sleep fairly early due to our early departure today. I think I managed 6 hrs of sleep, which is usually fine, but my body definitely needs more today. The house is kept quite warm for the elderly that live there, but it was just too much for me. I woke up with sweat rolling down the tip of my nose. Maybe that's why my throat is sore. I hope that's it and a good cup of tea will solve the problem. Perhaps we'll get a hotel for the night, just to give us proper rest. Hmmmmm...

We played a venue called the FIGHTING COCK in Kingston on Thames.(This is the food they got us. But we're only 3 people. So much food..ARGHH)
Perfect size venue that was packed out. But the place smelled moldy and we wonder if that's also why we're sick? The live venue is in the basement and we all spent at least a few hours breathing in the stale air. Whatever, the show was still good. I battled through some technical difficulties, but I'm a pro and all was good. I think we are going through the tunnel now? Hmmmm... So maybe we are officially out of the UK. So long England. Hello France. Pray for us to get better. It's no fun being on tour whilst sick.
Mike Park
(LOOK, I'm a legend in the UK.. Didn't know that?)