March 06, 2008

12:29 PM

Last show in the UK is tonight. We're heading back to the LONDON area as we just got scolded by an old British woman for leaving our bag next to the door of the train. She looks bitter. I'm sure she lives alone with 3 cats and in two years time will start talking to herself whilst knitting sweaters for make believe relatives. Alrighty..

We just changed all of our pounds into US dollars. Perhaps we should have done this once every few days as it's a bit unnerving walking around with a lot of cash. That's why I made Chris hold it. I could yell moral support like "Chris, Fight back... that's a lot of money. I don't care if he has a knife". At least we were in the friendly confines of Cambridge. Seems safe. Nice place. There was a Farmers Market type of deal going on. Lots of bicycles flood the streets as students mill about. I wouldn't mind spending more time in Cambridge. Maybe one day.... One day.

It's a pretty short train ride today. Just about 50 minutes to London's Kings Cross. And then we will bypass the LONDON UNDERGROUND and walk an hour to WATERLOO STATION. From there it's only 15 minutes to KINGSTON and our journey is done. The weather is pretty nice today, so I think the walk through London will be quite enjoyable. Perhaps we'll stop for a bite to eat even. Or perhaps not. Who knows.. Skies the limit. We are a wild bunch.

This was my third time through Cambridge and every time I've been put up by my now friends DS and GEORGIE. Both are wonderful people and keep up a super clean home with a beautiful backyard garden. Constant offerings of tea continue and a surplus of beans and toast to boot. George even made us poached eggs with grilled mushrooms over our beans and toast. She takes the prize for best beans/toast of the tour.
DS is two years my senior and he has retained all the old punk fanzines from the last 20 years. Old issues of FLIPSIDE are stacked high. It's so crazy to see fresh ads for the release of OPERATION IVY'S energy or a review of PEGBOY. I even saw some old Asian Man adverts in there. Pretty cool to see.

The venue we played at last night was called the PORTLAND ARMS. They have a fireplace in the front of the pub and a good selection of home cooked food. We ate dinner there and relaxed by the fire drinking hot tea. Felt like I was at a good mates home instead of a drinking establishment. I think the fact that smoking is now banned has turned UK into a utopia of sorts. I used to cringe at a smoke filled room, but now it's the smokers who must suffer. Ahhhhhh.. Advantage. ME!!

Another great show. I know it's repetitive to say, but we're truly enjoying every night. We've been really lucky to play for some amazing people thus far. Well, enough gushing. Til' tomorrow.
Mike Park
-it's now 3:20 PM and we are at Waterloo station sitting on an idle train waiting to depart in 10 minutes. The walk from Kings Cross took about an hour and was quite nice. We walked over the river Thames and even saw good ol' BIG BEN. Tonight we're staying at my friend Mark's home, where his mom is making us Fillipino cuisine. We're quite excited for this glutonous event to take place later tonight. HOORAY!