March 05, 2008

11:55 AM
Hull, sweet Hull. Man, people have talked some mad trash about this city, but to be honest...I really like Hull. We were told that Hull was voted the worst place to live in the UK, but how can that be? Am I missing something? It seems to me that they have a blossoming punk community and everyone was really kind and yup.. What's the deal UK? Why so hard on Hull? I was expecting dark, Frank Miller Sin City looking scenery, but it was quite pleasant.

If I had a smiley face ICON, my mood would be this. :(
Some personal issues going on, plus the fact that Obama lost Texas and Ohio is unbelieveable to me. But alas, the human condition is a strange thing for sure. The mind truly does control the body. Ahhhh..... I love being on this tour. Being with my friends, but I miss my family more than ever today. Two weeks remain and fortunately I am with good people.

I had felt a twinge of flu type symptoms creeping up on me yesterday. It was extremely cold throughout the day, so perhaps my body was working hard to warm up. But after a good nights sleep, I feel back to 100%. Seems like a lot of people have a some kind of cold or flu. It's worrisome when you come into contact with so many germs, that you too will join the party. I must sound like a germaphobe, but when you're on tour, you just can't get sick.

We have a new nickname for Chris. He is simply SUNDOWNER. SUNDOWNER IS DOWN(means Chris is asleep) Perhaps Chris can change his name legally to SUNDOWNER MCCAUGHAN. I like that. Chris has caught on to our style of speech. We like to add UH to the end of all sentences. How was the show uh? Are you hungry uh? And then throwing in non-sensible words for good measure. We've invented words like SLIDE UH, GERRY SAN, GOMENA, AND ANNO as vocabulary we use regularly, yet have no meaning. Yeah, a bit strange but I knew it would rub off on Chris. He is now part of the brotherhood.
(Chris bootlegging his own cd)

The show last night consiste of 6 acts, ranging from so many different styles of punk. The show ran for quite some time. My piercing headache landed me in the downstairs pub away from the loud music. And still I have guilt when I miss opening bands. Fortunately they had wireless internet and I was able to catch up on a bunch of work. The venue had a woman's dart league on Tuesdays, so that was cool to watch.

When it's time for Chris to play, I usually set up my stuff too. It was already later than any of our other shows, so we decided to play short sets. Chris played for 43 minutes and then I played 23 minutes. And we were packed up and ready to go by 11:55 PM.

The house we stayed at was super clean, partly due to the fact that they had just moved in 10 days prior. The shower was still spotless and it felt good to just stand with hot water pouring down on my head. They gave me something called LEM-SIP. I think it's the equivalence of THERA FLU in the US, but that made the body feel good and a restful night of sleep followed.

And so we travel here on what will be our second to last day. Kingston tomorrow and then it's bye bye UK, hello France.
Mike Park