March 04, 2008

4:06 PM

Our direct train to Hull from Manchester was canceled due to some maintenance problems. We find ourselves on a smaller train that is completely packed. Chris and Hiro are left without seats as I somehow lucked out with a place to rest my derrier. A quick glance back and I notice Hiro is sleeping whilst standing upright. That must be from years of practice in Japan. The country that has mastered the art of sleeping while standing.

For some reason everyone that we have encountered winces when we tell them we're playing Hull. Why is this? I have no idea? Usually when people bad mouth a city, it turns out to be the best show of the tour. Regardless, my curiosity has been triggered and in less than 30 minutes we'll be arriving in Hull.

This morning I received an email from somebody inquiring about the show we're playing this Sunday in Luxembourgh. He said he was very involved with the punk community and had seen no flyers or any information whatsoever about the show. Hmmmm... I wondered aloud. After some research and emailing, I find out that the show was never booked.

And I rarely get angry about anything, but this situation has me really upset. Enough. On to merrier of subjects. Our time in Manchester was a delight. Our super MATE Louise has got to be one of the kindest persons around. Constantly offering us anything her house had to offer. Hot tea flowed continuously for every waking hour the past 36 hours and she made a vegan roast fit for a king.
and for dessert a chocolate brownie type of treat.
unbelievably good. Such care went into preparation. It's hard to explain, but when you meet people like this, you can't help but feel a warmth from the experience.

We spent a lot of time taking advantage of the dry weather. I guess Manchester is #1 in rain, but we had clear skies. Though it was cold, we still walked for over 2 hours through the park and into the city.

We took the train to MANCHESTER PICCADILLY station and walked down to the venue for the night called the TIGER LOUNGE. A pretty hip joint that was adorned with old photos of RUSS MEYERS era actresses and 60's era decor. We had one opening act called BONSAI KITTENS. Two women from the UK playing J-POP influenced music. They were actually quite good. They'd do well in the US of A. People would eat them up. We had gotten a really good size crowd and there was a lot of energy in the room. We even built a human pyramid mid show. Such fun eh?

The last train back to Lou's house was at 11:36 PM, so we had to hurry and pack up to make the last train. And so here we are with just 3 more shows in the UK. Hard to believe it's almost over. But we're excited to heading over to mainland EUROPE. Paris this Friday. Wow. Time flies. Can't wait to experience our next country.
(CHIPS in NAAN w/ HUMMUS-only 2 pounds)
Mike Park