March 03, 2008

9:49 AM
We are in Manchester. After the show in LEEDS, we hitched a ride with our friend Louto her home. This is great, since we are playing Manchester tonight. And all we have on the agenda is relaxation and catch up on some errands and whatnot.

The show last night was at a place called the COCKPIT. We played in a small bar upstairs that fit around 80 people. The show was filled to capacity and the experience was quite enjoyable. Attentive was the audience and certainly a much appreciated change from the constant barrage of chatter box shows we've been playing. Nothing wrong with a boisterous crowd, but once the alcohol fuels, there's always a hand full of belligerence that I can do without.

We arrived in Leeds at a bit past 5 PM, hoping that there would be food waiting for us as we were all quite hungry. Unfortunately, nothing yet so we went for a walk around the city and made bets that the promoter would make pasta. And guess what? Pasta it was.
PASTA with Tomato sauce
2 loaves of sliced bread
and a box of reduced price donuts listed at 19 P(38 cents for you americans)

But I still ate a mighty share of the food. When you're hungry it all tastes wonderful. We've barely spent any money on this tour. Everywhere we go, somebody is making us food and unfortunately that means we're missing out on the many splendors of British cuisine. With only a handful of shows left, I'll have to make up for the gratuitous fortunes that have been bestowed upon us with some gluttonous actions.
(THIS MAN TAKES 1,000 photos a day)

It was strange traveling by car for more than a few minutes. Thus far, we've only stepped into a vehicle twice and that was from the train station to the venue. But LEEDS to MANCHESTER is a full hour on the motorway and my conclusion is:I HATE DRIVING ON THE TARMAC. I like trains. I already envision life back home being completely sustained by bicycle and trains when applicable. Surely the weather will be back to being that famous California weather by the end of March and that means no more driving.

Well, I best be going. We're going for a walk and then it's a huge VEGAN roast compliments of our super mate LOUISE.
Be well.
Peace, mike park