March 02, 2008

4:27 PM
It's a short trip to LEEDS. Only a bit more than an hour. Today is MOTHERS DAY in England which had me frantically trying to get a hold of my mom in the states, but was told that it's not until MAY in the states. DOH!! Me=dumb.
We had played with a two piece acoustic band called ONE NIGHT STAND IN N. DAKOTA in Newcastle a few days prior, but to be honest, I missed their set. Fortunately they put on the show in Durham at the University and I was able to watch all the bands in their entirety. Another acoustic duo played called TEAM A vs TEAM B or something like that. Regardless, it was all quite good. We played in a conference room on campus. Something I quite enjoy doing. I.E. playing a non conventional venue. Playing pubs gets tiresome, so I quite enjoy a change of pace. Nathan who put on the gig brought us down some loaves of bread and hummus, which hit the spot since our last meal.

It was an early show, so Chris and I both played long sets. It was a very loose atmosphere and quite enjoyable. Nathan had informed us that we would be staying with his family down the road. And since it was an early show we arrived just past 11 PM and greeted with a sit down dinner of chili over steamed rice. We all ate together at the table and enjoyed conversation. The entire family was vegetarian since 1983. Two out of the three kids grew up veggie and their oldest son of 34 years has been eating that way since the age of 10. It was neat to see. Even though our crew eats meat, they never tried to push their ideas our way. And we love eating vegetarian, so it was a perfect match. We ate some chocolate biscuits after dinner, which were an assortment of different cookies as they would be called in the states and then capped off our evening with the viewing of AMERICAN PSYCHO. I'd never seen this movie. Disturbing, but entertaining all the way. Ahhhh.. we live such the anti...SEX, DRUGS, ROCK N ROLL lifestyle of musicians. Chris tells us he's the most conservative member of the LARMS, but when he's with us he feels like a tempest.

Well, that's what a MIKE PARK tour will do to you. Welcome to the convalescent years Chris.
Mike Park