February 29, 2008

11:44 AM
Somewhere between Montrose and Arbroath Scotland, we head east towards Edinburgh, where the most surreal city exists. A trek back in time to view BRAVEHEART esque scenery(I'm not kidding). Somehow unaffected by the destruction of war, the city remains intact. We will be arriving at 2 PM, so hopefully a good amount of time can be spent enjoying the city. We went to a jacket potato joint last time there. By the way, jacket potato for you non-UK residents are baked potatoes with more elaborate fillings. The size of these potatoes are ridiculous to say the least. I'll take photos. I promise.

We got off the train in Aberdeen last night and were greeted by our friends Pepe and Sye whom we met last time through Scotland. It was good to see them and hear their thick Scottish accents. Actually, we can understand them a lot better than most. SYE's mom is the tricky one. I like watching her talk to Hiro as he needs in conversation, yet I know he doesn't understand a word she is saying. But she's a real good mom. She goes to my shows and stands up front even though she needs a walking stick to assist her. Bless her heart. I wonder if she really enjoys the music?

There is a local band from Aberdeen called the HI-JACKS whom put on my show the last time I came through and again they were gracious enough to hook me up. I remembered Aberdeen being one of my favorite shows. Perhaps, I'll check my blog from AUG. of 06 and try to find out what I said about the gig, but memory has me smiling as I remember an extremely positive atmosphere with everyone just having a good time. An energy that one wishes for at every show. Unfortunately that feeling was not replicated this time through. The show was still fun, but I had an image from last time in my mind that I had hoped for, so it was a little dissapointing. I wonder what happened?

But I decided not be dissapointed and I danced during the HI-JACKS even though my right knee has been giving me some pain. It was fun to just jump around and have a good time on the dance floor. The HI-JACKS were nice enough to go on last as they have a good following and didn't want people to leave if they played before me. It reminded of the early years of SKANKIN' PICKLE. We would go on tour with a band like the Toasters and after our set, we would just dance all night for the TOASTERS. It was an extremely fun time and last night reminded me of those days. Enough reminiscing.

We packed up and headed to SYE'S home. They had three inflatible matresses which were quite comfortable. We lined them up side by side in the family room and enjoyed a good nights sleep. Chrisis always the first one to pass out as we can hear his snoring to cue us that YES...indeed he is asleep. And then it's a contest between Hiro and I to see who will go next. This time it was Hiro and I quickly followed suit. ZZZZZZzzzzzz....
Mike Park