December 22, 2003
12:39 PM

Last night was the Xmas singing dealio.... at my moms church. Everything was in Korean and unfortunately I understand very little Korean and therefore I had no idea what was going on. But still, I had a good time. It was nice to see my mom singing in front of a crowd and her being happy. That's important to me. The highlight was seeing 5 young Korean men, probably around the same age as me and two of the 5 losing all control and just start laughing and they just couldn't get through it without laughing. It was funny. It's been awhile since I've had that feeling. Ya know what I'm talking about? Where you're in a situation where you shouldn't be laughing, but you can't stop but laugh. It's always with others involved. Anyways, I love that feeling and hope the situation to laugh uncontrolably happens soon. I went to do laundry last night. I've been trying desperately to not have my mom do my laundry, but she'll go as far as going into my car looking for dirty laundry that she can wash. So the opportunity to go to the laundry mat is few and far between. I hate being spoiled by mom, but I have to admit that it's pretty nice to not have to do laundry. Anyways, 3 loads, $6 worth of quarters, and nearly 2 hours later I was done with the laundry and headed out to my pad. Putting away laundry, folding, and putting the sheets on my bed. I had 3 cats just a week ago and now there are zero. Julie moved to Chicago and took one cat and Bridgett moved 8 blocks away and took 2 cats. I love cats, but ya know....I'm glad they're gone. I'm sick of cat hair everywhere and the cat pee and poo smell. Oooooohhhh... No fun. I'm digging my pad these days. My friend Christing is moving in and we've known each other for nearly 18 years. We're like brother and sister, so we're excited for each others company. 3 more days for xmas and I'm wearing clean clothes. Does life get better than this? Hmmm... I need to brush my teeth.

Peace, Mike Park