February 28, 2008

5:39 PM
Our train was delayed an hours time, but no big deal. Ahhhh.. I guess it's a bit of a big deal. Wish we could have gotten in a bit earlier to Aberdeen, but whatcha gonna do eh? We've been getting late starts these past two days due to the fact that we can sleep in. Finally!! But it would be nice to do a bit of walking. I think tomorrow we're gonna head off a bit early so we can hang out in EDINBURGH.
The scenery on this train ride has been mesmerizing. As the sun sets we've had many post card esque photo ops. We're hugging the north east coastal line and it's friggin beautiful. It's hard to concentrate as I keep looking up to see what's coming up next.

We had a killer breakfast this morning. A stop at the local market this morning and breakfast was served.
BEANS ON TOAST w/ Cheddar Cheese

Total cost? less than 9 POUNDS. It fed four of us with lots leftover. I think tomorrow I'll make some kind of potato scramble with tofu, avocado and good stuff like that. We'll see if I can get to the market in time.

Yesterday we arrived in NEWCASTLE at around 5:00 PM. We were met at the station by the promoter(Anthony) and headed over to the Bridge Hotel where we were playing. We dropped off our bags and headed out for some food. We decided on fallafel. Not the best, but I guess it did the job and it only cost a couple quid. A quick walk through the city center and then back to the club.

Chris had mentioned an old song I had written and wondered if I ever played it. The song is called THANKFUL ALL THE SAME. Actually, I've never played that live, but Chris told me he used to play it years ago when they had an open mic night at a local cafe near his home. So we decided to learn(or re-learn) this song and play it together. It was fun. We had the microphones face each other so we could pretend we were deeply in love. And then we did one more song together so it looked like we were a real big touring act that has the support bands join them on stage. Like if BILLY JOEL was touring with ELTON JOHN. Whoever plays last would have the other dude come up and they'd jam together. Make sense? Ummmm.. yeah...

It was a good show.(NEWCASTLE)My only complaint was that there was a lot of crowd banter. I finally had to say something and got a bit angry to finally shut people up. But it worked. I weeded out the bad and what remained was a good group of people whom were strictly there for the show. We ended a bit early, as we were ahead of schedule. Which is great! There's nothing worse than playing late shows.

We cabbed it back to Anthony's home where we would reside for the evening. DIEHARD 4 was to be viewed, but we never got around to it. Instead, we cooked food and caught up on email. Sounds fun eh? Alrighty then. Will write more tomorrow.
Be well.
Peace, mike park